The idea behind Fabric54

Innovative and versatile furniture made of used wood...

There are about 350-500 million pallets traveling around the world. So why should we buy new wood and damage our environment, if there are such big resources of used wood?! We think upcycling used wood is a great idea.


Just think about a coffee table, a sideboard or any other piece of furniture, which has traveled the world as a classic euro pallet, a boat or an old chest.

Not only pallets have a story to tell and so we use every type of used wood as long as it is dry, clean and intact....


No matter if you want a custom-made sideboard, an illuminated showcase or a colorful shelf, we manufacture every piece exactly according to your ideas or otherwise you can leave the creative part to us. In any case you will get an unique piece of furniture!


Just fill in the quotation module and we will get in touch with you!